Selling spirits

In order to value your spirits we require:

  • Photos on which your bottles can be seen completely and
  • A list that states the corresponding number of units.
Dalmore 40 Years Ankauf

Please photograph the bottle and box upright and next to each other on a table – this photo shows a bottle of Dalmore Astrum 40 Years Old.

Dalmore 40 Years Ankauf 2

Important: Please do not photograph bottles on their sides, because it will not be possible to see the fill level.

Then send the list of your spirits along with the photos by email to:

Step-by-step instructions: How are the spirits bought?
  1. First, send us photos and a list of your bottles and your place of residence (city and country) by email to »
  2. We will send you a non-binding offer for your spirits within a few working days.
  3. If you decide to sell your spirits we will organise the next steps with you. EU-wide purchases are carried out by post.
  4. Provide us with your address and bank details and you will then receive our written purchase order, which is stamped, signed and states our tax number.
  5. Where the purchase is made by post* we will send you free packaging material for secure shipping. Once you have sent us your spirits you will receive confirmation that the bottles have arrived at our premises. After checking the bottles we will immediately initiate your bank transfer and you will receive the agreed amount within two working days.

*We have specialised in the secure shipping of glass bottles for over 13 years and have already transacted several thousand successful spirit purchases – also throughout the EU.