Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about buying spirits.

We are open to offers of the following spirits:

  • Scotch whisky
  • American whiskey
  • Irish whiskey
  • Japanese whisky
  • Cognac
  • Rum
  • Old matured port wines (vintage port)
  • Bordeaux wines (Premier Grand Cru Classé wines)
  • Champagnes (Dom Pérignon and Roederer Cristal)
  • Antique spirits that are over 100 years old

In order to precisely value your spirits we firstly need photos on which your bottles can be fully seen, and secondly, a list of the spirits.

When taking a photo, an overall picture showing all of the bottles is usually sufficient, provided they can all be seen completely. The more accurate the photos, the better we can value and appraise your collection.

You will subsequently receive an offer from us.

We look at the following factors, among others:

  • Who produced the bottle/in which distillery was it produced?
  • What is the bottle’s fill level?
  • How long was the spirit matured before bottling (cask maturation period)?
  • What vintage is the bottle?
  • What is the condition of the label and capsule?
  • Is the bottle packaged and in what condition is the packaging?

If bottles have a low fill level or if the labels have even been attacked by fungi, the buying price is impacted. Ideally, the fill level should be in the neck of the bottle and the labels and capsules would be undamaged.

We assume that the bottles have been stored properly (upright, not lying down!).

But even if your bottles are not in perfect condition you can, of course, still offer them to us.

No, that is not possible. Under the menu item „Selling spirits“ you will find detailed information about the buying process.

To calculate the value of your spirit collection / single bottles we need some information from you. You will find step-by-step instructions under our menu item „Selling spirits“.

The following factors can reduce the value of your spirit:

  • Low fill level
  • Damaged or dirty label
  • Packaging missing
  • Damaged packaging

We also buy bottles that are not in perfect condition – simply send us an email with a photo of the bottle. However, we are unfortunately unable to buy already-opened bottles.

We unfortunately cannot buy bottles that are already opened.

It is important that your bottles are always stored standing up and not on their sides, preferably at a constant temperature (e.g. in the cellar). Protection from light and solar radiation is also important.

No, because legislation explicitly prohibits private distilling and selling of alcoholic beverages.

The bottle prices that well-known online shops quote on their platforms sometimes differ considerably from their actual values. These prices are often used to attract potential customers to the shop. As a rule, such expensive fakes are not actually sold at these prices. The actual value of a bottle is based on the current relationship between supply and demand. This relationship is sometimes subject to daily fluctuations.

The value of a particular spirit depends on the relationship between supply and demand at the time, which is sometimes subject to daily fluctuations. Prices are therefore determined on a daily basis.

The value is based on the following factors:

  • Producer of the spirit
  • Fill level inside the bottle
  • Cask maturation period (for cognac e.g., V.S.O.P. – for whisky e.g., 18 Years Old)
  • Vintage
  • Label/capsule (depending on condition)
  • Packaging (is it present and what is its condition?)

Old bottles are not automatically more valuable, because the spirit maturation process ends after it has been filled from the cask into the bottle. Once in the glass bottle no further maturation takes place.

Every spirit (whether cognac, whisky or rum) finds a potential buyer, so you are welcome to offer us any of your bottles.

Yes, we also buy bottles from other European countries, except Switzerland.
Purchases are made by post. For this purpose, we will send you free packaging material for insured shipping.