Trois Rivières Rhum Vieux Agricole Vintage 1980

Trois Rivières Rhum Vieux Agricole Vintage 1980 from Martinique – an exceptional vintage.

The Trois Rivières plantation is one of the oldest distilleries on Martinique. It is located in Sainte Luce, in the south of the island, but has not seen active operation since 2004. The rum is now produced at the La Mauny distillery in Rivière Pilote.

The history of the Trois Rivières distillery begins with Nicolas Fouquet, Louis XIV’s finance minister, who established the 220-hectare sugar cane plantation on Martinique. These days, Trois Rivières exports its products internationally and enjoys an excellent reputation among rum connoisseurs.

The name “Trois Rivières” comes from the three rivers that border the plantation: the Oman, the Bois d’Inde and the Saint Pierre. Connoisseurs recognise this rum by its famous logo with the three windmills.

  • Producer: Trois Rivières
  • Type: Rum
  • Alcohol content: 45.0% ABV
  • Origin: Martinique
  • Net fill quantity: 0.7 litre (700 ml)

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