Buying old bottles

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Spirituosen Ankauf, based in Königswinter, specialises in buying old bottles. We offer a competent buying service, friendly advice, careful appraisal and prompt payment. When buying old bottles it is important to realise that not every old bottle is valuable. Unlike wines, spirits do not continue to mature in the bottle, which means that a new flavour experience does not develop over the years.

For example, a good old Remy Martin V.S.O.P. cognac will always remain a good cognac, but it will not improve or gain in value over time. High-quality spirits such as whisky, cognac and other fine spirits mature exclusively in oak casks. An increase in value should only be expected if you have collected particularly high-value bottles and these have achieved special distinction thanks to their quality and already high original purchase price.

When buying old bottles, it is also important to pay attention to their overall condition. In any event, they must be unopened and the original seal must be intact. Damage to labels or seals reduces the value, because damaged bottles can only be sold at a discount. We offer fair prices when buying old bottles as well as EU-wide free shipping of bottle boxes for safe shipping. You are also welcome to send us individual bottles directly. We will transfer the total amount to your bank account within two working days. We will gladly send you packaging material free of charge. Send us an email now. We will immediately prepare your offer to buy.

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