Selling a spirit collection

How can I sell my collection of spirits? You can find detailed information on the subject of selling a spirit collection at

It’s really easy. If you would like to sell your spirit collection we are your competent contact. As a wine and spirits dealer, the appraisal and pricing of spirit collections is part of our daily business. Our excellent market position means we are able to buy several hundred bottles and resell them to collectors and enthusiasts all over the world. We buy current high-quality supermarket spirits, whisky, cognac, and rum as well as extremely expensive collector spirits worth several thousand euro.

If you want to sell your spirit collection, please avoid knowingly offering us counterfeits. If you have inherited a spirit collection and require a price assessment of all bottles, please contact us via email. When valuing your collection you will achieve the best prices if your bottles are 1) originally sealed, 2) the fill level is still in the neck of the bottle, 3) the labels are clean and undamaged, 4) the capsule or screw cap is undamaged and 5) your spirits are still in the original cartons or original wooden boxes.

The better the condition of your bottles, the higher the buying price. Many customers wish to sell their spirit collections. However, we must refuse collections that comprise mainly of champagne bottles, old dry white wines or perhaps old bottles of advocaat or similar, because these are not suitable for laying down and are often spoiled. The higher the alcohol content of your spirits, the better suited they are for long-term storage.

Send us a list of the bottles you would like to sell by email. We would be pleased to call you back and advise you in a spirit of partnership.