Buying spirits

Our spirit buying service buys large and small bottle collections from private collectors throughout Europe.
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As a specialist dealer in the field of buying and selling, we specialise in spirit collections, together with high quality wines and champagnes. On a daily basis we buy spirits from private collectors, from inheritances or from restaurant liquidations or bankruptcies. Our spirit buying service specialises in buying both new and old spirit bottlings.

Contrary to widespread opinion that old spirits are particularly valuable, our experience shows that this is only true to a limited extent. The spirit maturation process stops immediately after it is transferred from the cask to the bottle. Spirits therefore mature exclusively in the respective distilleries’ oak casks and not subsequently in the glass bottle. However, when spirits are stored for a very long time, decomposition has been observed at the molecular level, as has a change in some of the molecules and organic compounds that are responsible for taste. Direct UV radiation or indirect daylight also impair or destroy the colour molecules dissolved in the alcohol. In our opinion, a very long storage period significantly reduces the quality of a spirit.

To store the bottles optimally, we recommend absolutely dark and cool storage with low humidity. Heat and daylight negatively influence the taste of all drinks. When buying spirits we also check that your bottles have been stored upright. Horizontal storage is only recommended for wine bottles. The screw caps of high-quality spirits should also be checked and re-tightened every few months. Unfortunately, age is not synonymous with major increases in price.

On the other hand, you can realise very high sales prices from our spirit purchasing service if you offer us vintage spirits or special whisky bottlings. We pay top prices for whiskies bottled during (or shortly after) the Second World War. Our spirit buying service buys collections throughout Europe and offers you a competent service as well as free EU-wide shipping of packaging material for your bottles. Send us your sales enquiry by email today. Our buying team will be happy to calculate for you an offer to buy.