Buying spirits

Buying spirits is our day-to-day business. You can find detailed information on the subject of buying spirits at

Have you inherited a large number of spirits or would you like to liquidate your entire private cellar bar? We offer an all-round service when it comes to purchasing spirits. We buy whisky, cognac, rum, high-quality wines and champagnes and many more bottles. Not every old bottle is also a valuable bottle. Many customers believe that the older the bottle, the more valuable it is. Unfortunately, this is not true in the vast majority of cases. Only the rarest and most expensive spirits increase in value over the years. Ordinary supermarket spirits, on the other hand, only rarely gain in value. The more reputable the producer and the rarer the vintage, the higher the price we can pay you per bottle. So that we can gain an initial overview of your collection when purchasing spirits, we would like you to count your bottles, list them and take photos of them all. Send us your list and photos by email. We look forward to receiving your email.