Selling old bottles

Selling old bottles – sell easily online. You can find detailed information on the subject of selling old bottles at

Would you like to sell your old bottles, but don’t know how to market your entire spirit collection? Then you have come to the right place. We are specialists in buying old bottles. Whether it’s a high-quality individual item or you have an extensive range of old supermarket spirits – we are interested in your collection.

We buy whisky, cognac, rum and high-quality wines as well as champagne. At this point we would like to briefly explain the factors that are important to you if you want to sell old bottles. Most relevant are the external condition and fill level of your spirits. Bottles whose contents have half leaked or are no longer originally sealed are not suitable for sale.

You will achieve the best selling price for a well-kept collection of spirits with clean, undamaged labels and closures. You should also not discard the original sales boxes. If you want to sell old spirits, they will only increase in value over the years if they are of first-class quality and come from reputable distilleries.

For example, a bottle of Dimple whisky stored in the cellar for 30 years will always remain a good Dimple whisky. Such a bottle is frequently sold on the internet at online auctions for around 15 euro and does not gain significantly in value with age. Spirits mature in oak casks and not glass bottles. Only very rare, selected and high-quality spirits attract a high value. A Macallan or Port Ellen whisky that you bought a long time ago and stored for many years can be worth several hundred euro these days.

We can help you distinguish high-quality spirits from plain old bottles and will be happy to calculate an offer to buy your entire collection.