Selling spirits

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Have you inherited a collection of bottles or has your private collection become too large? Would you like to sell a large portion of your spirits? Welcome to – your specialist dealer for old and new high-quality spirits.

We specialise in buying wine and spirits. We buy whisky, cognac, rum, high quality champagnes, Bordeaux wines and many other spirits. If you want to sell your spirits you should consider the following: In the first instance, your bottles should be originally sealed. Unfortunately, we cannot buy bottles that have already been opened. Open spirits change significantly in taste after six months at the latest, even if a layperson cannot initially detect this. The more air there is in a bottle, the higher the risk that the contents will be negatively impacted.

When selling spirits, you should also pay attention to the condition of the labels. Damaged, torn or dirty labels reduce the value of a bottle. The cork or screw cap should also be undamaged. You will clearly receive higher prices for spirits in good condition than you will for damaged bottles.

In addition, we would also like to address the issue of storage and the age of spirits. Your spirits would have ideally been stored where they were protected against daylight in a dark, cool cellar room in their original cartons or wooden crates. Spirits must also always be stored standing up and should never be stored lying down. The widespread opinion that the value of spirits increases with age is generally incorrect. An increase in value through ageing can only be observed in extremely rare and expensive bottlings. As a rule, normal supermarket spirits do not increase in value. The situation is quite different with Macallan whiskies, for example. The vintage bottlings, which were already very expensive at the time, are enjoying increasing popularity today and have experienced a significant increase in value.

If you would like to sell your collection of spirits, simply send us an email. We will be pleased to advise and offer you an all-round service including free EU-wide shipping of packaging material for your bottles.